Manowce Palace featured on Wedding Chicks

We are very pleased that Manowce Palace has been featured on Wedding Chicks, the number-one American wedding blog ranked by the number of followers across social media. It has attracted 7.8 million followers on the three leading social media sites, twice as many followers as the runner-up, including 5 million on Pinterest, 1.8 million on Facebook and 1 million on Instagram. Wedding Chicks is a stylish wedding blog with wedding inspiration and ideas, and vendor deals for the modern bride. You can find the posts on Manowce Palace on Wedding Chicks’ pages on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The blog post title is “This Is the Time to Consider a Destination Wedding Locale That Isn’t Typical”. Its introduction explains this thought. “Not to sound depressing, like, at all, but would be wrong in saying that 2020 has probably given us all a whole new set of priorities? Life is precious, fam, and YOLO is truth - not in a “let’s party hard rn, like there isn’t a pandemic” kind of way, but in a “when this COVID-challenged world comes out on the other side, let’s all cherish the people and moments in our lives that aren’t givens - let’s make the absolute most of our time together” kind of way. That’s why we’re huge fans of couples who haven’t made concrete plans for their weddings yet, or who just got engaged, considering a destination wedding somewhere that’s a little unexpected and a whole lot more exciting. Why not Poland, for instance? The country is gorgeous and there’s a wedding venue in the center of it all that stands out as a little haven of seclusion and beauty… Manowce Palace is truly the stuff of dreams and we’re not lying when we say that your wedding here will blow absolutely everyone’s minds”.